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Ecocycle Company


 The Three R Concept

Reduce: Recycled products can be decomposed effectively through proper classification and by doing so we help to reduce the stress to our environment.
Reuse: Remanufactured materials can be reused, thereby increasing its lifecycle and decreasing waste.
Recycle: Recycling is the first step of reducing waste. Recycle properly to conserve our environment.



Future Prospects

In light of global warming and other environmental issues such as waste increase, it is imperative that solutions are offered to counter these adverse effects. Therefore, HUAYI plays an important role in the recycling industry. To reduce waste, HUAYI reuses plastic waste and gives new life to the material. Not only does this lower manufacturing costs for our customers, this is also a way to help conserve our environment. Newer and more diverse plastic composites such as PC/ABS will also become one of our main manufacturing products.