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Testing Equipment


testing 1

V-Notch Sampling Machine –Impact Testing
This machine is used to test impact by cutting a V-notch sample with smooth surface under specified criteria.

testing 2

Precision Balance Gravity Meter
This device is used for quality control, inspection, and testing-related purposes. The equipment is easy to operate and has internal calibration with electronic display, which eliminates human calculation errors.

testing 3

Infrared Moisture Determination Balance
The Kett Model FD-610 Infrared Moisture Balance determines the moisture and solid component(%) content of samples by using infrared light to heat and dry samples and then measuring weight changes due to evaporation.


Compact Benchtop Spectrophotometer
A reliable and accurate benchtop spectrophotometer that serves as the foundation for operations seeking to establish a color control program; this is used when non-spectral devices or visual inspection pass/fail methods are not enough for more stringent requirements.

testing 5

Computerized Tensile Testing Machine
Designed for tensile test, compression test, bending test, and all kinds of tests to determine elongation, compression, flexing, tear, peeling, shear force, adhesive force, etc.

testing 6

Holder for Hardness Gauge
Designed to replace traditional hand-held hardness testing to avoid error and increase accuracy.

testing 7

Melt Flow Indexer
This tester is used to measure extrusion rate of molten resins through a die of specified length and diameter under prescribed conditions of temperature, load and piston position in the cylinder; it is used for measuring the flow rates of polymer during manufacturing process.

testing 8

IZOD Charpy Digital Impact Tester
This tester is used to test the impact-resistance of various material samples. The sample sustains an impact at a certain angle and weight to assess its toughness. Test results are calculated/saved automatically, displayed and printed out (single or multiple printing). Impact is activated with a simple control button.

testing 9

DELTA Handheld XRF Analyzer
The analyzer provides fast, non-destructive elemental analysis from Mg to U, from PPM to 100%. This will help us ensure our products are RoHS-compliant.