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Since 2004, HUAYI Plastic has begun collecting and recycling plastic waste from various industrial sectors, and by 2009, HUAYI began its transformation into an eco-friendly and sustainable enterprise. HUAYI contributes to the environment by remanufacturing and reprocessing recycled plastics, which then can be reused, thus extending the materials’ lifecycle.

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HUAYI currently has four production lines that work 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. We always look for opportunities to expand our production capacities and refine our techniques with emphasis on quality control. Currently HUAYI’s production capacity can reach approximately 1,500 tons per month and will increase in the next few years.

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Meeting the quality standards of customers is one of the most important missions for HUAYI. We are ISO certified and have a complete SOP. HUAYI has high standards for our employees, from first-line workers to administrative staff. We understand that we must provide the best quality materials to our customers, in order for business to be long-term and sustainable.

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HUAYI values honesty, transparency, trust, and long-term relationships. This is the only way to maintain sustainability. We do not and will not mix, add or use poor quality material in our production which could potentially affect our customers’ quality standards. We hope that you would give us the opportunity to provide you with quality products at a reduced cost that could potentially increase the profitability of your company.